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We're first responders to dishwasher repair dilemmas in and nearby Commerce City CO.

With ultra competitive rates from expert repair technicians - every appliance crisis can be rectified affordably for any local resident or business owner. Our offerings extend to both personal and commercial clients, which includes restaurants, schools, churches and other kitchen-oriented operations in the area. We also regularly work with landlords and property managers as a third-party repair service provider. If you require the utmost convenience in the repair process, we've got you covered.

Let's guide you through the typical repair process with us. Firstly, we await your contact by phone and arrange a scheduled visit with one of our expert Commerce City based appliance repair professionals. We're available regularly for same and next day repairs!

Upon arrival, we will promptly complete troubleshooting of your appliance. A repair solution will be determined and a quote will be provided. This amount will be a rough figure for what you need to pay for our provided labor and your needed dishwasher parts - nothing more. If you pass on the repair, we simply charge a small fee to compensate our technician for his or her time.

Our labor rates are super fair and based on the national pricing standards. We will never charge more than what's reasonable for any repair we take on. With our online coupons available, your repair can be had for even less - mention them when you call.

We fix all brands, whether for American or European models, and have no problem working on any commercial dishwashing machine as well. If you have a repair question don't be afraid to reach out and ask us for clarity.

Reach out by phone at (720) 640-8611 to get your dishwasher repair underway!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Many people use their dishwasher for more than just cookware, dishes and cutlery. However, the other items that can sometimes be washed in your dishwasher are not necessarily dishwasher-friendly. You can take the risk as you wish but be considerate; some items that are still safe to throw into your dishwasher include plastic combs, hub caps, range hood vent screens, burner pans, etc. Generally, if it's pure BPA-free plastic or metal it is safe; you might want to keep these items for a separate load and do a cleaning cycle in between to cleanse any leftover grime.


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