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We make the decision easier by offering online coupons and forwarding any parts discounts we get from our exclusive suppliers. Our charge on your bill is purely the replacement parts and time spent completing the repair. You won't be overbilled and there are no hidden fees, no need to regret your decision when you work with us! Our staff have countless years of experience fixing commercial and residential appliances in Commerce City CO and various surrounding areas. Our team are professionaly trained and dedicated at what they do. With a substantial amount of word-of-mouth referrals coming our way, our business has expanded in size over the years.

We're confident you will be happy with your refrigerator repair by going through us. Our team never lets any client down. We aim to impress and excel by providing faster services and lower rates. Get your repair quote today, schedule now by calling us at (720) 640-8611 and speaking with one of our representatives. We can't wait to help you! Not only do we provide the most affordable fridge repair services in town to local residents, our team extends our helping hands to Commerce City businesses as well. Whether your school's cafeteria refrigerator or one of your tenant's fridges is on the fritz, our team can get the problem fixed and invoice whomever accordingly.

Do not hesitate to give us a chance: we're confident you will be happy you picked us for your refrigerator repair troubles. Call now and we'll plan out your diagnostics appointment based around your earliest convenience.

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Fridge leaks occur for a variety of reasons. A few possible causes include mechanical failure, electrical faults and physical damage caused by natural or premature wear and tear. Surprisingly, there are some instances where a refrigerator leaked only due to it not being completely level to the surface it sits on. This issue is more common when buying a used fridge as you will notice the leaking issue early on. Modern refrigerators include screws beneath that are adjustable to reach the proper height level at every corner of your refrigerator.


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